Storm the Cassoulet

Jello Shots

on April 19, 2013


1 cup water
1 small box (3 oz.) of Jello, any flavor
1 cup vodka
Makes around 16 shots


2 cups water
1 large box (6 oz.) of Jello: any flavor you like
2 cups vodka
Makes around 32 shots


Boil water in a bowl or large measuring cup for 4 minutes on High in microwave.
Add Jello and mix together for 2 minutes.  LET IT COOL.
Add vodka and stir for another minute.
Lay out Wilton paper (1.25 inch) nut and party cups on a serving tray.
Fill with the Jello shot mixture.
Carefully place in refrigerator for 3 hours.

Options:  add fruit, layer colors (let each layer set in fridge for 30 minutes).

Notes:  For a 6 oz. box of Jell-O, you will need alcohol and water, however, the higher the proof of the alcohol, the more water is needed, according to Drink Street.  For 13 oz. of 30 proof to 50 proof alcohols, you will need 3 oz. of cold water. For 10 oz. of 80 proof to 100 proof, you need 6 oz. of cold water. For 6 oz. of 150 proof to 200 proof, you need 10 oz. of cold water. Divide these measurements in half for the 3 oz. box of Jell-O.


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